Feldenkrais in London with Ed Bartram


It brings more colour and zest to your life, enables you to find freedom from pain, and helps you to focus on the here and now.






Feldenkrais is particularly effective in dealing with issues of chronic pain.  It can help you regain lost function in everyday activities – such as walking, sitting, carrying kids, gardening, exercising etc… which might be causing you trouble at work, or at home.

It can also work really well with those who have neurological conditions, or who have suffered strokes; or for sports people or musicians who need to perfect or find a pain free way through their working lives.


 Moshe Feldenkrais, was a pioneer – who brought together his knowledge of judo, and physics to create a kind of (non)-martial art for every day life.

By developing a better awareness of what we do, through doing gentle yet profound movements, he understood we could re-learn the most pleasurable ways to move and be.  He anticipated by several decades the newly proven science around neuroplasticity – in short the brain is much more malleable than previously thought, and we can change how we are if we understand how to ‘re-wire’ our nervous system.  

And the good news is that the best way to do this, is to move the easy way, not to push through the pain, to develop new options in both movements and life at large.  The method focuses on the whole self – not just parts of the body, or the mind and body on their own.

Lessons can take place in groups (where teachers gives verbal instructions), or individually (where the teacher moves the student with their hands.)   And what is more, its suitable for everyone – no matter their age, or ability.  Give it a try and come to a class!  Experience and see the world in a new way.