Individual lessons & classes with Ed Bartram

Ed Bartram will give lessons on-line rather than in person, due to the Coronavirus. It’s always good to have personal contact, but these work well.

Ed will give individual lessons via Zoom. Please book by emailing or by phone on 07969 748974. These 1 hour lessons cost £80, though sliding scale rates are sometimes available.

Group lessons continue to take place on Thursdays at 9.15am . The next class is on Thursday 26th March 2020, please click this link when the time comes.   Ed will be there from 9am, so do come a bit before to get ready for the start.

Do make sure you have enough space to lie down on the ground, and that you can train your camera on yourself in that position; and that you will be able to hear me giving the lesson.

You can join the class on any week, but please book with Ed in advance if you can by contacting or 07969 748974.

Classes normally cost £10/session, or £50 for 6 (you don’t need to take the classes consecutively). However, while the Coronavirus is active, Ed is happy to charge at a ‘pay what you can’ rate up to £10/class.