Here is what a few of my students have said about individual lessons and classes:

I am in my early sixties and was becoming quite stiff in general. I had an ankle problem which made it difficult for me to walk with ease. Walking is and has always been very important to me. I was not happy.  I contacted Ed because this is exactly what he described on his web-site; the awkwardness when getting up was something that really rang a bell with me.

I took ten sessions with Ed Bartram and discovered the importance of my skeleton as a means of movement and how it supported me. I also discovered gradually that I could trust my feet and body in general and be more relaxed with my movements; I had become nervous and stiff over the years. Ed made a real difference to my life. My family and friends all noticed that over time I was beginning to walk with ease and there was no hesitation when getting up from a chair, small things which make a huge difference.  I am very grateful to Ed for his focussed and practical approach in helping me to improve my movement, it has really worked!   Brigid MacNeely

‘Feldenkrais is one of those great things in life that feels completely simple yet you’d never figure it out yourself – a system of small, effortless movements that both feel good right away and gently teach you better physical alignment long term. It’s like a highly practical guide to achieving more by doing less. I wish I’d found it years ago.

Ed is as intelligent, good-humoured and sensitive a teacher as you’d hope for for this subtle discipline. After the first of his classes I attended – mostly consisting of minute shoulder movements – I felt grounded, present, free of tension and mentally clear and my breathing was freed up. At the risk of gushing, it was sort of miraculous.

One class doesn’t mean you’re fixed forever, but each one feels like a renewal and gradually, without conscious effort, you get better and better. Ed helps the process along with his very useful email lesson recaps, which include audio from the class so you can reinforce what you’ve learned during the week.’   John Moseley (editor/writer)

‘I started to have Feldenkrais lessons with Ed after I had a shoulder injury.  For me it was difficult in the beginning to understand what Feldenkrais does.   Once I surrendered to the process of Ed’s sensitive and intuitive way of teaching, I felt the benefit very quickly and it felt like magic. My injury dissolved into the wisdom of my body evoked by Ed’s teaching.

It’s his gentle touch in a very relaxed environment that supports my body to find its way to health. I can’t recommend it enough; Ed’s Feldenkrais teachings are an excellent support for the stresses and strains of my busy London life.’   Jobs Weverling (music facilitator)

Feldenkrais was completely new to me when I met Ed. He has treated me about half a dozen times and I also attend his weekly group sessions. The treatments with Ed have made a great difference to my lower back ache. What I love about attending his classes or doing the audio exercises is the big difference I always notice afterwards just from going through a small range of movements. Feldenkrais work with Ed is now something I want to incorporate into my body maintenance.  Fergal McGrath (film editor)

‘I wanted to be able to access the Feldenkrais Method training easily and could not always get to classes in London. I also wanted to build more of a regular routine of moving each day and Ed’s 15 minute recordings were ideal in that they provided clear and effective direction without taking too much time. They were also helpful in a residency workshop I led in Athens, Greece. I played the recordings for the group and we all participated in them as a way to start our working day together.

I realised how impactful the method is in that, even in a short period of time, doing one or two things makes a lot of difference to how my body feels and how I move through my day.’     S. Wookey (dance artist)

Our 6 year old son Joe had a few individual Feldenkrais sessions with Ed over a couple of months as part of a range of alternative therapies for Dyspraxia, to try and help him develop more awareness in his balance and coordination. Having heard about the method online and arranging an initial phone consultation with Ed, we were keen to try it. Ed was keen to learn lots about Joe before meeting him which was great, and gave his time to do so generously so that he could plan how best to work with him in the session. Joe responded really well to Ed who is very warm and supportive and Joe loved each session – it made him feel free and adventurous, which was lovely to see.  Joe’s Mum (name withheld)